a week

This film was supprted by many people through indiegogo campaign. 




Frank Van Putten

Elizabeth Yates

Max Eisenberg

Madeleine Russel



Director: Ken Yoshioka

Producer: Priakanksha Mishra (Headless Production), Ken Yoshioka

Exective Producer: Tomohiro Suzuki 

Director of Photography: Patrick X. Liu

Production Designer: Patrick X. Liu, Ken Yoshioka

Writer: Ken Yoshioka

Music: Hironori Momoi (http://www.hironorimomoi.com/)

Hair,Make up artist: Naoko Kashiro

Editor: Ken Yoshioka


*shot on Cannon 5D Mark2


A father who loses half of his family because of an accident. After that, he tries to go one step forward and start his new life with his daughter.